Party, porn and plastic penisses

Welcome to the world of PAINKILLER PARTY!

Painkiller Party is the band that brings new life to the genre Electronicore: Here you’ll get a unique mixture of heavy breakdowns, annoying electronics, sugary sweet melodies and maybe the deepest growls ever to be heard from out of a female throat.

Deathcore in kindergarten or a children’s birthday party in the moshpit? Gangbanging instead of headbanging? How about a large surprise bag of all sorts of curiosities that you not only have to hear, but must have seen!

So if you’re not afraid of sperm poetry and queerness factor, if you aren’t a killjoy and also find that you are never too old for unicorns, balloons, lollies and confetti, then please join in the moshpit! Get the party started!

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Got interested? Want to blow away your audience with a heavy unicorn party? Get in touch!

From small bar gig to big venue stage, from street art to underground festival – we are happy to play at yours! 

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